Experts Say IT Departments Need to Focus More on IP Address Management

When it comes to IP address management, many IT departments tend to push it down low on their list of priorities. According to recent studies, 32 percent of companies say that their IT departments don’t use any kind of IP address management software because it’s lower on their list of projects than other issues. However, experts say that even small networks need some kind of IP address management software.

Spreadsheets for IP Management

Out of the more than 260 companies surveyed during this study, at least 34 percent were using simple spreadsheets to manage their IP addresses. Experts say this leaves too much room for human error and prevents the database from being up to date. The good news, however, is that this number is down from the 46 percent of companies that used spreadsheets to manage their IP addresses years ago.

Companies Slowly Learn the Benefit of Automated IP Address Management Software

The study discovered that 52 percent of companies use some kind of automated system to monitor their IP addresses. Experts say it’s a positive sign to see this number higher than the 34 percent that still use spreadsheets. When companies were questioned as to why they don’t’ use automated software, the top response was that their networks were far too small to justify the cost of purchasing automated software. With the cost of automated IP address management software on the decline, however, experts suggest that even smaller companies should look into purchasing some.

Centralized Database

Why the big increase in automated IP address software? The study shows that the primary reason companies are turning to this kind of software is centralized database management. By creating a centralized database, the entire IT department has access to the same numbers at any given time. This limits the room for human error, makes the management of IP addresses much easier and helps increase security and productivity in the workplace.

By using this type of software, one person can easily view the information and determine if an IP address is in use or when it will become available. A process that used to take a whole team can be handled easily by one person without much room for error. Companies that are looking to limit mistakes made across their networks of addresses might find that getting IP address management software is the best course of action. Most programs also give companies the ability to set administration and technician access. This allows only the administration to make changes while still giving technicians access to the information they need in a read-only format.

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