Booking Your Car Rental Online

There is only one way to book a car rental these days, and that is to do your booking online. Why? To explain, let’s look at the car insurance industry in comparison. Do you see many of the companies that are springing up online without brick and mortar businesses? They are able to provide savings to their customers that way. Check online at

With the car rental industry, the same standard applies. Sure they have to have lots where their cars are kept, but they don’t have to maintain all those brick and mortar business buildings for sales and pickup.

Of course, you can book online with all these car rental companies that do have brick and mortar businesses everywhere. And they do have discount codes and special promotions. But there are some great websites out there that handle car rentals in Sydney Australia that can introduce you to rates you may not have seen before.

You can always try and negotiate the price as well. This is a tip from the experts, as there is always room for negotiation, especially when it comes to upgrades and availability of inventory. It doesn’t hurt to ask of course, and you might end up scoring quite a deal.

Prepaying for your car rental is always a good idea, and if you are booking your discount car rental for Sydney, Australia online, then you’re going to be at the very least reserving the vehicle. But remember, there is a difference between prepaying and reserving a vehicle!

Not only does prepaying help, but prepaying at least a few weeks in advance vs a few days in advance should help you out, too. There are also those sites that not only provide booking online but help you compare rates for different rental companies as well. This not only can save you money but save you all that time.

Sometimes you can get a better discount on a car rental by mentioning a particular hotel booking. Look for these opportunities, and also look for plane ticket, hotel booking and car rental booking combination discounts.

Always keep your eyes and ears open as you’re planning your trip, and don’t pay what those car rental companies want you to pay. Find a way to get around it, and they will gladly hand over the keys to you after you’ve taken the booking into your own hands.

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